Association For Computing Machinery
VIT Student Chapter

In computing, turning the obvious into the useful is a living definition of the word 'frustration'

What's Special this Month


Come learn all the intricacies of online databases from the basics.


Reverse Coding

So you think you can code?


Python and Google App Engine

Learn the most widely used app building language in 6 hours


"Very Good Initiative, Enjoyed the class. Looking forward for more classes."Aravind Sreejith(14BME0338)

"Pretty good. I liked how a concise program held the basic important stuff we need. Very Useful." M Shreyas(14BME0507)

"The event was awesome. The way the host told us about photoshop was nice and the other team members were very helpful. The Batman element was fabulous. Also the anouncer was very entertaining" Kshreyansh Choudhary(14BEC0399)

"You guys are great and are doing a great job. Respect for President's patience level. Keep up the good work." Madhur Sahu(14BCA0006)

"It was really fun and knowledgeable. Volunteers and trainers did a great job. I enjoyed a lot. Thank you." Aashi Rastogi(14BIT0123)